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Additionally, there are going to be location-based experiences within the app. While using a smartphone app during a Super Bowl ad isn't totally new, this is the first time we've seen such a broad-based digital campaign built into a smartphone app.

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Star Trek Into Darkness opens in theaters May 17, If you want to get notified of the Into Darkness app's availability, as well as enter a contest to win a VIP trip to the film's U. What do you think of the way technology and entertainment are intersecting for film marketing?

Let us know in the comments. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Look at the platform and stairs in the background. April Gun does not refer to a month in spring. For the love of Cthulhu, are there still people who actually think those are coffins with frost-covered face-aligned windows? Highly illogical. The duty uniforms bug me. The undershirt never looks right on Pine.

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Khan has never been shown to have any reverse-aging secret. They kind of look like weekend wear in the suburbs — oversized sweatshirts over an undershirt, with loose fit Dockers. I imagine if he were around still running the show, these would have been made by Under Armour. Right now, I am just not seeing it. The figure walking away is a CGI or stand in Khan. Darkness sets up the third movie which is Khan.

Very cool Webinar. Thanks for sharing the link. I enjoyed learning about the workflow at Bad Robot and getting to learn more about the creative team and dynamic there. This movie seems like its just a big set up for Khan in their trilogy. Heck they could end up killing whom ever they want because there will be another reboot after this trilogy. Roddenberry must be rolling now that people are now call Star Fleet a Military Order. Starfleet has always been military, even under Roddenberry.

They fought wars, followed military decorum and ranks, held court-martials, carried weapons, stood at attention and did everything else the military does. They were always military. It all started with The Wrath of Khan. And TWOK, which is btw all your favourite film , finally consolidated that Starfleet is clearly a military organisation. Not at this point. They have him doing completely different things than he has before.

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His name is incidental. That would be a lot of back story needed to bring everyone up to speed then propel the story forward with what we know is going to happen. How disappointed are you going to be if John Harrison is just John Harrison — like Nero, a new character? The guy on the right in the cryotubes pic looks most certainly like Cumberbatch from behind.

The other guy has a ponytail and looks like Khan from Space Seed. I am betting Weller is Khan and gets killed off, unleashing the revenge of his fellow comrade, Cumberbatch.

I just think it would be poor writing. It would be better to never have him come out of cryo, if you ask me.

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A Because of Carol Marcus? B His lack of humility leading to deaths in his crew? C None of the above? What if the shot with the cryotubes is a flashback to Khan launching his people into space darkness? Shilliam Watner — Zoom in close on the cryogenics tube picture from the trailer, on your iPad.

It is clear as day that the guy on the right is Cumberbatch. The guy on the left, definitely has a ponytail, and has the air of Khan Space Seed time. He could be a Klingon, but I am betting he is Khan. Weller is probably April.

We now have two Bad Robot sources mentioning the character in the movie. I think we have to look at what JJ and co. Harrison believes that what he is doing is RIGHT and that conviction is so powerful that it leads the crew to be on the edge of believing it as well. There is also reverse aging secret sauce in the mix somewhere as the big gun used by Harrison belongs to April which It will be fleshed out as more info seeps out.

Star Trek Into Darkness NEW Trailer 1 (2013) - JJ Abrams Movie HD

Yet we saw some shots like the one from ST09 where the shuutles left earth for the ship where they where unfinished. Am I the only one who thought the guy in the red shirt is Hugo from Lost? It will make the first viewing that much more interesting…. From Avid Bad Robot Webinar This seems to be the same room and walking figure seen in the teaser trailer below.

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  4. What if those tubes are actually coffins akin to the torpedo burial?