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Nokia Lumia review

It's there to some extent if you look hard enough, but the WP8 UI helps disguise it. We're surprised there isn't a noticeable drop in quality when compared with the Lumia 's screen, which crams the WVGA resolution into its smaller 3. Colors are rich and vibrant; whites are accurate; and blacks rank among the best we've seen, helped by Nokia's ClearBlack technology.

The black of the screen is often indiscernible from the darkness of the bezel, making the entire front face look like it's supporting the Live Tile grid. Viewing angles, outdoor visibility, brightness and the auto-adjust setting are all great. Color us impressed, but we can't totally overlook the resolution. Whether from local files, YouTube or Netflix, it's a perfectly adequate screen upon which to watch moving pictures the loudspeakers have a bit of punch, too , but you know you're missing out on those finer details.

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This would also be the case for games, but those with more advanced graphics aren't compatible with handsets rocking MB of RAM. You're probably well aware by now: You can check out our full review of the latest version of Microsoft's mobile OS here , but let's break it down briefly. WP8 is stripped back and simple. Beyond the lock screen is your Live Tile home screen and, on an adjacent panel, is a list of all your apps and core features like settings, messages, emails, et al. It's really easy to get the hang of, and Microsoft has built an OS that runs great on hardware that Android handsets laugh at.

The OS is a major, if not the deciding factor when considering new handsets, so pondering whether WP8 is right for you isn't wasted time. On WP8, you're basically tied to Internet Explorer, so be ready to invest some time in moving those bookmarks across if IE isn't your default browser elsewhere. Once you're all set up, though, WP8 is relatively transparent, easy to navigate and a cinch to understand. Our handset came straight from Nokia, so it was just a case of uninstalling the Angry Birds Roost pseudo-store to rid it of bloatware. Because this is a Lumia, you've got access to a bunch of exclusive apps not available on other Windows Phones, such as PhotoBeamer , Nokia Music and Pulse messenger currently in beta.

There is also a host of imaging apps that afford you advanced features not available within the stock camera software: Several of these and Nokia's Here navigation aids come pre-installed on the , with any omissions easily downloadable from the software store. Of the Here apps for the , only City Lens is exclusive to Lumias.

Instead, you get Here Drive available on all Windows Phones -- a satnav app that is limited to the country your micro-SIM is allied to. You've also got to remember that the lacks support for a handful of apps by default, due to RAM requirements. But, at least the Twitter client is slick, right?

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The 's rear-facing camera is one of the main components that sets it apart from other WP8 models with otherwise similar core specs. While the , , 8S and Ascend W1 all have five megapixels to work with, the has a 6. Before we get to that, though, let's take a quick pass over the 1. Under artificial light, you can see the exposure compensation stuttering in the viewfinder as it struggles to adjust.

Shooting p video on the front-facer results in much the same experience. If you're inside or caught by failing light, it's going to be just like the stills: In favorable conditions, video exhibits an acceptable frame rate and quality, but has a tendency to radically shift white balance if filming on the auto setting, making for inconsistent clips. Let's be honest: You're not going to be overcome with disappointment when using it for the odd video call or self-portrait. Like most touchscreen handsets, you can tap on the screen to direct focus and take a picture, but, as with all Windows Phones, there's a physical, two-stage camera button available to focus the main camera before shooting.

We found this toggle a little too sensitive on other review handsets, but that's not the case on our The two levels are clearly defined, so no frustrations there.

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Shutter response, however, leaves a lot to be desired. It takes a good two seconds for the lens to focus, the picture to be taken and the saving animation to finish before you're ready for the next close-up. It's pretty painful, and a steady hand is essential during the sluggish process to avoid filling a microSD card full of blurry shots. If you're unfamiliar with the core WP8 camera app, it's pretty basic with only a handful of settings for both picture and video modes: Within the subsections, there are limited options and we only strayed from automatic settings to shoot in low light.

There aren't any advanced features in the core app like HDR, burst capture, panorama, slow-motion video, etc. To get at these, you're kicked out of the standard camera interface into discrete apps, with loading screens in between. Panorama is a solid app that's easy to use and does a great job of stitching snaps together, even if exposure sometimes varies across the canvas. Smart Shoot is Nokia's take on the burst-capture mode, but the app can't improve the shutter lag on the , so it's only slightly quicker than taking a couple of regular shots in succession.

So, how about that 6. Overall, we've got mixed feelings. When taking our sample shots, we didn't tinker with the settings much apart from selecting the appropriate scene type night, close-up, etc. Finding the best results came when we left the to make up its own mind in auto.

By doing that, however, you're at the handset's mercy. Some shots came out crisp, with HDR-esque vibrancy and contrast, while others were dark or appeared to have all the color sucked out of them. Macro shots were agreeably consistent, by and large. Without the help of the sun, things got a little worse. Colors just weren't represented correctly in artificial light. With those bulbs turned off and given the right distance, the small flash kicked out enough rays to keep overexposure to a minimum.

We found some tradeoffs in quality, and the focus failed 50 percent of the time, but Nokia's low-light pedigree was very apparent here. Nokia is an extremely savvy player when it comes to building smartphones to a price point. Some phone users take issue with this technology, because it lowers the sub-pixel count and can impact on color rendition due to the excess of green sub-pixels. In the case of the Lumia , the green tinge isn't awful, but the strange pixelation can be often be distracting, like a multicolored mesh or grid sitting on top of an otherwise high-res display.

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Photos generally look fine, but fuzziness is clearly visible to the naked eye when it comes to text -- in particular, characters in a thin font seem to 'hum' slightly at their edges, which is a shame because such fonts are a big part of the Windows Phone aesthetic. Ultimately, whether this is a cause for concern depends on your eye-sight and how you tend to use your phone. If you enjoy reading e-books on your phone, then it's worth trying the Lumia in-store before you commit.

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Camera The eight megapixel camera on the Lumia is exactly the same unit that we reviewed on the N9. It's been around for a while and it suffers from a few foibles, but the underlying hardware is top-notch. All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, Verizon Media.

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Sign up. Show More Results. Buy Now. Teenage Engineering OP-Z review: Small synth, big dreams. PlayStation Now still isn't good enough. Latest Reviews. See all articles. Latest in Feature. Image credit:. Nokia Lumia review 27 Photos Engadget Score Poor. Cons Tethering and other advanced features are missingPhones on other platforms have better cameras and performance. Summary This is an attractive option if you're a fan of Windows Phone and great design. How would you rate the Lumia ? We want to hear what you think. Post a quick review now to join the conversation!

Write a review. Nokia N9 review. HTC Titan review. Nokia World Durability prepare to buy a caseecosystem hahaha, I made a joke there. Ease of use ok I guessreception hit or missstay away from this phone. The best in its category. We highly recommend it. For my personal opinion, this makes a downgrade of -1 in final results. After using this phone for 3 months, I can safely conclude that this phone is pretty good for it's price tag, but Lumia have 2 things to be fixed in so I can recommend this phone to others: Camera and 2. Battery life.

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For the Ecosystem rating, it's Microsoft's job. The display resolution is small to comparable devices, however for me it is not a big difference, since letters are also not readable in small size, even with a bigger resolution. Nokia Lumia Review Posted Microsoft canceled an 'all-screen' Windows phone in Microsoft officially ends support for Windows Phone.

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