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After defeating Razor, Cross sends the entire RPD after the player, and informs them that they helped in the arrest of the Blacklist racers. Mia informs the player that Cross knows about their safehouses, and directs them to jump across a bridge north of Rosewood. The player makes the jump, evading the RPD. In the final sequence, Cross logs in to the Rockport Police database and adds the player to the National Most Wanted list. Blacklist members can be challenged after achieving a set number of race wins, beating pursuit records Milestones and surpassing their bounty.

For defeating a Blacklist member, players get the choice of picking two markers which include pursuit-related rewards, pink slips and customisation items. The Rap Sheet summarises all recorded criminal activity by each Blacklist member. Players may access their pursuit statistics through the Rap Sheet.

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Most Wanted is set in the fictional city of Rockport during daytime with some occurrences of rain that impacts a car's handling. The perimeter of Rockport consists of industrial, urban and rural areas, with some locations allowing players to drive in remote places. In free roam mode, which is only accessible in career mode, the player may drive to a race event or shop location or become involved in a pursuit.

Players may access the GPS system for navigation. The Challenge Series includes 68 regular events and 2 additional special events in which the player is tasked with either beating a target time in a Tollbooth event or beating a milestone within a pursuit. Quick Race mode allows players to participate in a randomly generated or custom race event.

Additional tracks, modes and vehicles will unlock as the player progresses through the career mode. The Speedbreaker ability and Pursuit Breakers are available for the player to use at any time in any event. With the exception of Tollbooth, each event type may feature up to four participants.

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The online services for the PC and Xbox releases were shut down on August 11th, Pursuits become more difficult depending on the current heat level which involve in more active police vehicles and more aggressive police tactics. The car roster of Need for Speed: Most Wanted was complemented with a higher number of European and American cars than in the Underground series. It also introduces a series of special bonus reward cars that cannot be modified, nor used in career mode.

All vehicles are upgradeable through leveled performance part packages. Players can also obtain unique Junkman parts from beating Blacklist racers that permanently raise a vehicle's performance characteristic.

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Fine-tuning setups that allow players further performance adjustments can be created in free roam mode from the pause menu. Visual customisation upgrades are categorised in Parts and Visual, the former offering bodywork-related modifications and the latter offering paint customisation and other options. Each applied customisation item reduces a vehicle's pursuit heat level.

Players are also able to obtain unique customisation items from markers that cannot be unlocked otherwise. A few more vehicles and a multiplayer mode, and it would have scored even higher.

Need For Speed The Run

What do you think about Need for Speed The Run? Do you recommend it? View full description. Softonic review Need for Speed The Run is a thrilling mobile racing game where you need to speed from San Francisco to New York, passing different driving challenges along the way. Driving Doctor, I think you've driven me crazy. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Escape the cops in this thrilling racing game. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline High-speed racing action on your phone. Asphalt 4: Elite Racing Tear through the streets of the World's coolest cities.

Truck Driving Truck doctor, I think you've driven me crazy. Download Need for Speed The Run 4. Download for Java. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.