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Moreover, CamScanner has 10G cloud space and premium service to save your documents. FaxFile is one of a few competent free fax apps. It enables you to fax imagines saved by your Android phone's or tablet's camera.

You will need to purchase fax credits through the Google play store to send a fax. The free fax app for Android support sending a fax to contacts or typed in a fax number for a one-off fax. The developers suggest calling the fax number to ensure that it's picking up calls before money sending a fax. Easy Fax is a free fax app that provides the fastest way to login to app using Google Account.

And you can use your credits on all your devices. Faxes from US and Canada need 10 credits for a paper. Other countries need 10 credits for a paper. You can scan fax imagines from gallery or using phone's camera.

Send And Receive Faxes Online Or By Email

What is more, you can also fax documents from cloud service with the fax app for free, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Driver and more other channels. Once you send the faxes, you will receive a notification and email about the faxes. MobiFax is the smallest free fax app in size, it never drains your battery and never consumes your memory.

It hasn't had a lot of users though. Thus, there may be some bugs here and there. MobiFax can send fax at the most reasonable prices, which is less than 27 cents per paper to 33 countries. The cost slightly change depending on the method purchased, multiple pages or single page purchase. The program could use a serious UI overhaul. However, its saving grace is that it works very well.

4 Guarantee To Work Android Fax App For Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and More

Tiny Fax turns your Android devices into a fax machines for documents, photos, receipts and other texts. Tiny Fax has a clean interface. Thus, it is an efficient and user-friendly fax app without charge. You can send faxes over to about 30 countries and it costs an affordable price. The price slightly changes depend on different countries and the method purchased.

Download free fax app to archive documents by status, easy to mange all the files in Android phone. Genius Fax is fully compatible with Genius Scan.

Top 8 Free Fax App For Android to Scan and Share Information

You scan documents with Genius Scan and fax them with the program. It is one of the competent free fax apps because it can send and receive faxes and has a simple and beautiful UI. The workflow is that you choose a file from any location, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, any other apps, and receive documents as PDF and can preview them or export them to any other apps. You have to spend money to fax.

However, you can also spend money to temporarily rent a fax number to receive faxes from others. The eFax mobile fax app puts the power of a fax machine at your fingertips.

Send and receive free faxes to your email or iPhone. Start faxing in about 30 seconds…

You can add an electronic signature with touch of your fingertip. Download eFax to conveniently receive, scan and sign faxes on the go from your Android device. You can use eFax apps to use files from email, cloud storage, device storage. Android eFax app can forward documents as faxes or emails to anyone, from anywhere.

While sending fax using eFax app, you can use an electronic signature, sign on the screen using your finger. Key features: You can send a fax from Android phone by simply selecting a file and entering a fax number. While you are using FaxFile, Faxes transfer in the background from Android phone to FaxFile servers and fax status is returned to the application at each step.

This Fax app for Android is fully integrated with Dropbox to transfer documents to and fro.

5 great faxing apps for iOS and Android | ITworld

This iFax app provides notifications and fax confirmations in real-time. You can attach images from photo library or directly from the camera, crop and adjust brightness, sharpness to optimize images for faxing. With the use of cover page template, you can insert your company logo, add a note and sign your signature on the cover page.

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You can send a document to 50 countries worldwide for free and without registration. You can send pictures, text, document etc. PC-Fax from PlayStore.

FaxBurner: Fax to Email Technology

If you have right Android Fax Apps and device, no need to depend on conventional fax machines to send faxes anymore. Even though most of these Android fax apps are free to download, you may have to pay the service fee when you send fax online from Android using these apps. These fax apps for Android can convert Android phone to a portable Fax machine. I would also recommend Snapfax app. It is super easy to use and has fax edit function. Highly recommend. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.