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Thanks again. Now I can listen to the favs over and over once again.. Another design team trying to justify their existence with needless change. I am no loner a fan of Apple. I was dreading it and rightfully so. Who the hell do they have employed that approved this BS? Do they even use test groups anymore? A nine year old would have through the phone back and told them to go to Hell. I am so annoyed because everything that was useful with the phone is now gone.

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Just last Friday, I was in a debate with a co-worker about why Apple was quality. He said that Apple was garbage and Iphone 7 is just a box with the missing push-in home button. I admit- he stumped me there, but I stressed the usability of the devices. Well now I owe that man an apology. Despite Samsung inadvertandly creating a pocket bomb, they at least stay on top of the latest phone technologies to make their customers happy.

How to Shuffle Songs on the iPhone

They even offer phones in multiple designs. I am so very dissappointed. Aside from MAC desktops and Airbooks I am not purchasing anymore Apple products until they get they make their platforms user friendly again. My phone is not showing the repeat button at all. Please help. None of the above discussions were a remedy. The article itself shows you how to find it. I hate this new version and it was driving me bat shit crazy to change it from repeat one song to shuffle all….

Thanks for the info!!!! You da bomb!! Thanks for the post. Really helpful. I found the same issue with iOS 9.

How to turn off repeat on iphone music

Apple you are idiots! This was driving me crazy and I could not find a solution until finding your post.

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I have an iPod touch 6th gen. Everything is up to date. I have had an iPod touch for many years so I know how they should be working. Posted on Aug 14, 5: Page content loaded. Aug 15, Shuffle Button Gone More Less.

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How to Shuffle Songs and Turn Off Shuffle on iOS 12?

Sign in. I've looked through the menu, looked in the play queue tab, and tried right clicking on a playlist but can't find any way to play with shuffle turned off it is turned on for me by default. Go to Solution. Nothing is solved here, i have the same issue and yes, the shuffle button is missing on ALL! The button is just gone and not available under the play-options!

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Thank you for your help offering but it isnt needed anymore because after restarting Spotify, the shuffle-button appeared again. I switched thereafter to other playlists but the function was still disabled. Maybe i restart first the next time an error occours before complaining about it, sry. I should've known it better. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here.